This week may be my favorite week of Pammy nominees so far in 2012.  So many good choices from Verne Lundquist to Matt Millen to Erin Andrews, but only one can be the winner this week.  Who has your votes?

1) "Someone's gonna feel good, someone's gonna feel bad." – Brad Nessler on OU-Texas (via JesseDeadWoodHarwood)

2) "Gotta get up there and catch that… that's what you're paid to do." – Dan Hawkins (via AA)

3) Verne Lundquist: "Playaction."
Gary Danielson: "No, he handed it off."
Verne: "Oh, he did!" (via sjwest86)

4) "This defies improbability to me" – Chris Martin (via GeoffreyMarshall)

5) "Oklahoma is killing Texas. A new dish served at the state fair: Skewered Longhorn" – Rece Davis (via FlowyDNA)

6) "I haven't seen a lean like that since Michael Jackson's Smooth Criminal video!"-Desmond Howard (via sjwest86)

7) "The receivers have been covered well tonight except when there has been blown coverage" – Matt Millen (via volsandcubs)

8) "I didn't know the Big 10 could have a game like that." – Brent Musburger (via skudrafan1) on the score of OSU-Indiana.  Umm…

9) "I dunno, Gary, Tim Brando's getting more action than you and I are." – Verne Lundquist (via Quizmaster)

10) "Fatigue is one of the main culprits for poor tackling" – Matt Millen on the first drive of game for MS State defense. (via CaptTouchback)

11) "Texas Tech piling it on. Welcome to the Big Ten, West Virginia." – Erin Andrews (via jackhammer619)

12) "David Ash has had guys coming in his face all day" – Todd Blackledge (via MEDSY24)

13) "Another set of Cougars are blocking the Beavers." – Chris Fowler (via pmatla86)

14) "That's what you gotta do to win in the MAC- just win." – Tom Cole (via adamchappelle)

15) "The ball is getting wet b/c of the raindrops" – Chris Martin (via Cacree2156)

16) "Alabama is No. 1 because of the way they do things." – Kevin Carter (via JohnMcLeodDavis)

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