Thanks everyone for the submissions (here are the full chronicles). We only had roughly 50 comments, so here’s the top 10, in no particular order. Head over here to Vote for the best, or put one I may have left out in the comments, which will count as a vote. I’ll update the standings on Tuesday around 1-2 pm.

1. “Helu … goodbye!” — Rece Davis after a Roy Helu TD

2. “I think Auburn’s gonna win this game, but they’re going to have to outscore Kentucky.” — Kirk Herbstreit (via Sctvman)

3. “You can’t go out and score 17 points in one possession or even in two.” — Andre Ware after  UGA scored to make it 17-0 over TN. (via Aaron2hott)

4. “It’s the competitiveness of Pryor that makes him not want to get tackled.” — Bob Griese (via Sctvman)

5. “It hit him in a bad spot… right in the hands.” — Matt Millen on Roundtree’s drop in UM/MSU game.

6. “This fan base is overwhelmingly South Carolina.” — Verne Lundquist on South Carolina game being played @ South Carolina (via Sctvman)

7. “Those three guys were covering that receiver so they were unable to cover the other ones.” — Mike Leach (via Sctvman)

8. “Great job by Rob Spence leading Syracuse’s offense.” — John Congemi — Rob Spence was fired last year. (via Kevin Brown)

9. “This guy is a bug; he runs all over the place.” — Doug Graber (via Sctvman)

10. Kirk Herbstreit picked Tech because he said, “Baylor has no chance in Lubbock.” The game was in Dallas (via Sctvman)


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