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1. “Gordon picks it up & the GPS says endzone.” —Chris Martin  (via 49er16)

2. “We have an injured Hoosier, and that is a player they can ill-afford to lose.” — Bob Wischusen, who failed to mention who the injured Hoosier was (via Sctvman)

3. “If a ball is tipped, your heart goes into your shoulder in a hurry.” — Andre Ware (via Sctvman)

4. ” As darkness falls midday in the Windy City”  — Dave Pasch, what the hell is he talking about its not dark via The Pitty

5. “You can’t give them the ball at the 20 yard line.” — Steve Beuerlein after a kick out of bounds (via B-Flo 360)

6. “One thing Sweet 16 has shown, is that he will give away birthday presents.” — Chris Martin after a Denard Robinson interception (via Rick James Bible Owner)

7. “Being bowl-eligible is like being an eligible bachelor. Doesn’t automatically mean you’re married the next day.” – Dave Lapham (via JFein)

8.  “Getting first downs keeps drives alive.” — Chris Spielman (via Sctvman)

9. “On first down, in college football, the clock stops to move the chains.”  — Bob Griese (via Sctvman)

10.  “Offensive penalties will kill you.” — Bob Griese (via Sctvman and B-Flo 360)

11. “Murray made a 10 yard gain by not losing the 10 yards.” — Gary Danielson after getting out of a sack (via Sctvman & Rick James Bible Owner)

12. “I used to be a holder. I could give you (Pam Ward) tips on holding.” — Danny Kanell (via Sctvman)

13. “Ball fair caught by Holmes.” – Pam Ward (No fair catch had been called, the ball was rolling on the ground) — Pam Ward (via Sctvman)

14. ” If they a score a TD here, alomost make it a two possession game.” — Gary Danielson when AUB leading 35-31 (via SkinsCapsTerps)

15. “It’s not like the NFL.  Pass interference is a 10 yard penalty.” — Mike Patrick, nope, it’s a 15-yard penalty in college (via Rick James Bible Owner)

16. “I did not think he had the intestinal fortitude to bring the blitz.” – Todd Harris after the Nevada d-coordinator blitzed on a key 4th down play that Fresno State did not convert, thus cementing the game for Nevada. (via JFein)


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