Last week I used personal discretion in choosing the Pammies, but I think we should let the readers vote. Here are the Top 20 comments from the chronicles. If you think we overlooked one or six, then voice your opinion in the comments. If those comments then receive a few votes up, then maybe we’ll reconsider based on the final votes. Poll ends on Tuesday at 1 p.m. EST, so I can get it up that afternoon and start working on the Week 3 announcing schedule.

1. “He’s got the pants so far.” — Craig James after Jesse Palmer says “somebody wants to be player of the game.” (I forget who this referenced.)

2. “Edwards again got behind the secondary and howls it in.” — Beth Mowins after Edwards jumped, while in front of the secondary, and caught a deep pass. I think she was trying to say “hauls it in,” but it sounded an awfully lot like “howls.”

3. “And it’s True” — Rob Stone on made FG

4. “Lattimore against Rambo, and this time the solder lost… Rambo didn’t make it.” — Mark Jones

5. “Nice job of pentration by ____ coming from the backside.” — Chris Spielman

6. “If you’re the underdog on the road, what you want are some turnovers and…and..and you have a couple of those. 4th down… stays, right here. Another conversion that turns… changes the ball over to your, so if you’re on the road.” — Bob Griese, verbatim.

7. “A gradient day in Columbia.” —Mark Jones (via Sctvman)

8. “This South Carolina offense is just out-phyiscalling this Georgia defense right now.” — Bob Davie (via @seahawkaddicts)

9. “Time winding down on the shot clock.” — Mark Jones (via Sctvman & YieldToFrump)

10. “Sometimes when you see blitz, you get ants in your pants.” — Chris Spielman (via Dazzle)

11. “This game is encouraging for Notre Dame’s defense.” — Lou Holtz, 100% serious after Denard Robinson racked up 502 yards himself. May, with the rest of the world, rolls his eyes. (via Joshuaishere)

12, “We welcome two of the bluest of bloods.” — Brent Musburger (via Sctvman)

13. “Polk is great with the YAC… yards after (pause) tackle.” — Tom Glasgow (via kblinco)

14. “He’s got a Bill Cowher chin there.” — Dave Weekley (via Sctvman)

15. “If you’re driving our Dodge out there, you mashed your gas pedal because you were going too fast.” — Brad Nessler (via Sctvman)

16. “ACC stands for Awful Coast Conference.” — Rece Davis (via Sctvman)

17. “Ohio State out-physicalled Miami.” — Mike Patrick (via Rick James Bible Owner)

18. “If this had been back in the day, Mark would say, ‘Mom! Make him stop! Get Bob off of me.'” — Rece Davis on the Stoops brothers facing off (via Rick James Bible Owner)

19. “There is no tonic to cure that ailment. They want to hit people.” — Brian Griese (via Sctvman)

20. “James Madison’s best work since the Federalist Papers.” — Rece Davis (via Sctvman)

VOTE here at this link (until I can figure out why Joomla is messing up the embed code).

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