Week 6 is upon us. Here is your full announcing schedule for week 6 college football.

With MLB playoffs in full swing, NHL regular season and NBA preseason beginning, submissions have been slow for the Tuesday-Friday games, but leave the awful announcing you hear on Saturday in the comments. We’ll update as the day progresses.

“Helu … goodbye!” — Rece Davis after a Roy Helu TD

Brad Nessler said earlier that WVU won the Big East in 2006 after Rutgers beat Louisville. Nope, Louisville won league, went to Orange Bowl (per Sctvman)

Note from gtl6363 in the comments of the announcing schedule: Nessler is being inducted into the Minnesota Broadcasters Hall of Fame on Saturday night so ESPN allowed him and Joe Tessitore to switch spots in order to free up Nessler to attend the ceremony. They’ll be back to their regular pairings next week.

Kirk Herbstreit picked Tech because he said, “Baylor has no chance in Lubbock.” The game was in Dallas (via Sctvman)

“Taylor Martinez is to Nebraska what iPad is to Apple.” — Desmond Howard (via Sctvman)

Lee Corso picked Boise State to be the only team in the top 4 to finish the season undefeated. He then also said Nevada is the longshot team with the best chance to go undefeated. Boise State plays Nevada later this season. (via KabaModern)

“I think Auburn’s gonna win this game, but they’re going to have to outscore Kentucky.” — Kirk Herbstreit (via Sctvman)

“Illinois has got to be ahead of the chains.” — Brian Griese (via Sctvman)

“It hits at the 25 (really the 15) and takes a Syracuse bounce to the 20.” — Mike Gleason during a punt (via Sctvman)

“This guy is a bug; he runs all over the place.” — Doug Graber (via Sctvman)

“You win with your eyes as a quarterback.” — Andre Ware (via Sctvman)

“Tyrelle won’t run, unless he decides to run.” — Chris Spielman (via Anon)

“This is a secondary that knows it’s gonna have a chance to get its hands on a lot of ball.” — Chris Matin referring to Wisconsin’s defense (via PDub)

“You can’t go out and score 17 points in one possession or even in two.” — Andre Ware after  UGA scored to make it 17-0 over TN. (via Aaron2hott)

“Speaking with the imprecision of Wisconsin’s QB, Scott Tolzien.” — Chris Martin
“It’s the competitiveness of Pryor that makes him not want to get tackled.” — Bob Griese (via Sctvman)

“The 919 area code is the one that engulfs Raleigh.” — Steve Martin (via Sctvman)

“He seems to throw better when he gets hit.” — Dave Pasch on Chappell (via Sctvman)

“Michigan State is back.” — Bob Griese (via Sctvman)

Andre Ware looking forward to two Big 12 teams like Nebraska in a Bowl game. (via Sctvman)

“Georgia looks like it has a pretty good chance to get its first SEC win” — Andre Ware when UGA’s up 41-14 (via Sctvman)

“That’s hot.” — Dave Lapham when the camera was focused on a couple of attractive women (via The Pitty)

“That worm is going to turn and we’re going to win a bunch of games.” — Dabo Swinney on Clemson radio (via Sctvman)

“It hit him in a bad spot… right in the hands.” — Matt Millen on Roundtree’s drop in UM/MSU game.

“Great job by Rob Spence leading Syracuse’s offense.” — John Congemi — Rob Spence was fired last year. (via Kevin Brown)

“Somewhere on the sideline, Tracy is going ‘oh no!'” — Verne Lundquist talking about Tracy Wolfson, a UM alum as UM was losing to MSU, 31-10 (via JFein)

“I think it’s time that all those big schools should jump above Boise and TCU. I’m talking about Auburn, Arizona, LSU, if they win tonight.” — Gary Danielson (via Eric Sorenson)

“I don’t know if there is a better place for tailgating than Stanford.” — Craig James (via bspn)

“Boy, that was quick! Gutendberg’s got a printing press near the locker room!” — Verne Lundquist on newspapers reading “Gamecocks beat ‘Bama!”

“I love Spurrier.” — Verne Lundquist (via Sctvman)

“This fan base is overwhelmingly South Carolina.” — Verne Lundquist on South Carolina game being played @ South Carolina (via Sctvman)

“Oh my goodness! Oh!” — Verne Lundquist (via Sctvman)

“Alabama will not crack mentally.” — Gary Danielson in the 4th (via Sctvman)

“To move the ball down the field.” — Mike Leach on MSU’s game plan. (via Sctvman)

“You don’t need to manage the clock when you score in one play.” — Todd Blackledge (via Sctvman)

“The last ten minutes should be broadcasted on CourtTV, not ESPN.” — Joe Tessitore

“Les Miles looks like the mad science genius.” — Todd Blackledge

“He’s athaletic.” — Lou Holtz (via Sctvman)

“LSU would be a good place to stand during  a lightning storm.” — Mike Leach

“It’s possible to overbelieve in this business.” — Mike Leach

“Mississippi State has two pretty looking quarterbacks.” — Mike Leach

“Those three guys were covering that receiver so they were unable to cover the other ones.” — Mike Leach (via Sctvman)

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