The Pam Ward Chronicles are here for Week 3 and the major story of the young college football season is the dominance of Pam Ward.  She’s taken the win in the first two weeks of the Pammies.  Can anyone stop her from reclaiming her rightful throne?  This week, PamHawk is in Chapel Hill for Virginia @ UNC at 3:30 ET on ESPNU.  All eyes will be on tonight’s games between Ohio State and Miami and the huge clash between #1 Oklahoma and #5 Florida State.  We will update the Pammies as we can with your comments in the open thread and Tweets to us at AA throughout the day.  Use the hashtag #PWAA to send in submissions via Twitter or leave a comment below.  The nominees will come Monday for you to vote on and the winners will be announced on Wednesday.  You can check out the winners from last week and the full Week 3 announcing schedule below.  Here’s a few quotes from that bastion of freedom Craig James to get us started.

Week 2 Pammy Winners and Standings

Full Week 3 Announcing Schedule

Also, if you’re a college football fan, make sure to check out our podcast from yesterday with Bruce Feldman of CBS Sports.

“Not transferring shows you moxie.” – Craig James (via sctvman)

“Les Miles told me his defensive line loves to make plays and they are violent… violent in a good way.” – Craig James (via bjoe109)

You play 4 quarters in the SEC.” – Craig James (via Michael Necci).  As opposed to the 3 quarters elsewhere.

“You gotta hold your water.” – Jesse Palmer (via bmaze) on LSU’s defense jumping offside… or needing to pee.

“LSU should continue the run here so their defense can rest” – Jesse Palmer (via CaptTouchback) on the first drive after halftime.

“What’s new? it’s DU at LSU!” – Craig James (via bjoe109) umm, what?

“It takes 47 muscles to frown.. It takes 17 to smile.” – Lou Holtz (via Joshua Batelli)

“Coach, you’re up by…almost two scores at halftime.” – Jeanine Edwards (via 99_JDK) Boise led 20-9 at the half.

“I’ve been really impressed with this Irish team.” – Kirk Herbstreit (via CaptTouchback) on the 0-2 Irish.

“Boise St will never be an elite team. Not when you beat one good team a year.” – Lee Corso (via sctvman) because yea, Oklahoma wasn’t an elite team.

“Get ready for the most exciting 25 seconds in sport.” – Dave Pasch (via CaptTouchback) as the Clemson team ran down their hill.  

“There’s a penalty in the middle of everything.” – Dave Lamont (via sctvman)

“There are three conferences that matter in football, the AFC, NFC, and the SEC.” – James Franklin (via sctvman)

“A good defensive lineman may not make the tackle but he’ll make a big pile of rear ends.” – Chris Spielman (via CaptTouchback)

“This kid will line up everyer, no, everywhere.” “Andre Williams will come right down the hill with you.” – Dave Archer (via sctvman)

“Now, that is the Penn State coaches booth. They have elected not to open the windows, so that is the best we can do. They claim they don’t know how to open the windows, which is possible.” – Dave Lamont (via tomatpsu)

“How come you never see a defensive player wearing a wristband? They have plays, too, don’t they?” – Dave Lamont (via tomatpsu)

“He did not panic with a Buffalo in his face.” – Joel Klatt (via KSJ49)

“I think one of the man-beaters is when you get bunch coverage.” – Chris Spielman (via sctvman)

“Instead of a magical carry, it might be a curse carry.” – Dave Lamont (via BloggerJustinF) after a fumble.

“Pretty much a no-yard gain for Silas Redd.” – Dave Lamont (via sctvman)

“He (Paul Johnson) is unconventional, no, inconventional, no, deconventional in his thought process.” – Keith Jones (via sctvman)

“Ride that hot horse” – Chris Spielman (via Michael Necci) describing Lord knows what.

“This is probably a fireman package.” – Chris Spielman (via sctvman)

“… the Great Marc Bulger” – Rob Stone (via jkrdevil) with perspective.

“McGloin does not care. ‘I’m trying to stuff one in there.'” – Ray Bentley (via BloggerJustinF)

“70 yrs of Temple frustration is going to be measured in inches.” – Dave Lamont (via Connor Kiesel) when Penn St got the first by about 2 feet.

“We’re in Philly, this is Rocky’s town, and this has been a boxing match.” – Dave Lamont (via BloggerJustinF)

“Chris Berman, the best analyst in the business.” – Beth Mowins (via sctvman)

“Do you want to punt it back and give the chance to Pitt to win or just hold on to it?” – Mike Belotti (via leahslevel) with one second left in the game.

“He gets hounded to the dirt.” – Dave Pasch (via sctvman)

“Ahh, the cow’s back…” – Verne Lundquist (via Chris McSharpe)

“It’s intensity 2.0 at Death Valley.” – Pete Yanity (via sctvman)

“It’s so hard to win in football.” – Tom Cole (via sctvman)

“Florida fakes a WR screen then a slow screen to Rainey that would have been defensed…” – Gary Danielson (via ChrisCrane27)

“That has to just drive your nuts.” – Gary Danielson (via Powellabama)

“I wonder who decided to use ‘Mississippi’ to count as one second? Why not North Dakota or Minnesota?” – Verne Lundquist (via CaptTouchback) with a question that has plagued humanity till the dawn of time… or when Mississippi first became a state.

“Houston, scoring his 20th touchdown on the year, on the ground.” – Pam Ward (via MDWDFW)

“Got his hands on a lot of balls and then a sack.” – Gary Danielson (via Ryan Scheb)

“That is Bacarri Rambo, rambling!” – Bob Davie (via sctvman)

“Tie goes to the runner.” – Matt Millen (via CK29) on an equal possession reception…it’s not baseball, everyone’s running

“Not only was the Navy runner untouched by human hands I don’t think he could have been touched by a dodge ball” – Mike Patrick (via sctvman)

“Charlie’s been having angels for the past 35 years.” – Matt Millen (via ak482) on a Charlie’s Angels promo.

“This is a significant drive for Arkansas State here. It’s important they come up with some points. Preferably a touchdown as we said in the opening, said in the opening mic, they score down here, they score touchdowns.” – John Bunting (via ChrisCrane27) as Arkansas State is losing 23-7 in the 2nd quarter.

“What’s 83 minus 80? 3 yards?” – Gary Danielson (via Ed Haligan)

“Just giving you one of those Brett Favre ‘Here you go’s’.” – Matt Millen (via Sharapova’s Thigh)

The ball hits off three body parts. A hand, a helmet..well, a helmet’s not a body part. – Gary Danielson (via CaptTouchback)

“I don’t know that’s kind of…I don’t agree with that a…If it’s on the…umm” – Brian Griese (via CaptTouchback)

“if he wasn’t a quiet guy, he would be a vocal leader on this club” – Craig James (via dhh78) on Marcus Lattimore.

“And here’s Wendi Nix for a report”…(10 seconds of awkward silence, then next break): “and here’s Jeanine Edwards” – Mike Patrick (via SportPundits)

“He (M.Lattimore) went Canada on that one” – Craig James (via ChrisCrane27) on an uncalled false start, but what does Canada have to do w/ it?

“Kirk Cousins also an internet sensation now after a speech that he gave at the annual Big Ten media luncheon went viral… has over 110 hits on Youtube.” – Alex Flanagan (via Ben Koo)

“He gets it off pretty good.” – Brent Musburger (via Sharapova’s Thigh)

“The importance of catching a football is with your hands.” – Kirk Herbstreit (via Meowmix90)

“If there ever was a time to block a field goal. And you had a way to do it. This would be that time.” – Brent Musburger (via AllSnark)

“nice use of the arm to prop himself up with the tripod. That looked like floor exercises in gymnastics.” – Dave Lapham (via DirtyBay13)

“That’s seven in a row for the Miami Gators.” – Rece Davis (via bmaze) on the UF/Tennessee game.

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