Portland Pickles mascot falls on the snow

It’s snowing in Portland, which means it’s time to revisit the infamous runner who hilariously fell in the snow immediately after giving an interview about the joys of running in the snow.

It happened again Thursday morning as Dillon, the mascot for the Portland Pickles, a collegiate summer baseball team, went for a run in the snow. Thankfully, Dillon is OK after taking a spill of his own.

Dillon’s gaffe was eerily similar to the local jogger who fell after giving an interview to local news network KOIN 6 back in 2014, so similar that it’s hard not to wonder whether the Portland Pickles staged the whole scene. For those who don’t remember, as everyone in Portland, OR cowered from the cold during a snowstorm in Feb. 2014, one couple braved the inclement weather to go for a jog.

The couple was stopped by KOIN 6 reporter Lisa Balick, who questioned them for running in the cold and snow at night.

“It’s the perfect texture for running,” the jogger blissfully explained. “Very low impact, and it’s dry so your feet don’t get wet.”

Naturally, as she turned and jogged away from the cameras, the runner didn’t make it more than 20 yards before she took an epic spill, emblematically slipping on the snow and ice to land on her back like a cartoon character. Holding her back, she slowly got to her feet, giving a thumbs up to the camera and the now tens of millions of people who watched the viral video.

Dillon followed in the woman’s footsteps during Portland’s latest storm, giving us the opportunity to enjoy both videos. Considering his top-heavy frame, Dillon’s fall is easier to explain.

This isn’t the first time the Portland Pickles have displayed social media mastery, with Dillon managing to go viral last year when he briefly took over the team’s Twitter account. It takes a unique sense of creativity to successfully operate the marketing department of a minor league or amateur baseball team, and the Portland Pickles appear to have it.

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