Vinnie Pasquantino Vinnie Pasquantino on Short and to the Point

Host Jessica Kleinschmidt interviews Kansas City Royals first baseman Vinnie Pasquantino. Jessica and Vinnie discuss a wide range of topics including returning to the Royals, having high expectations for the Royals in 2024, hosting a podcast, being Zack Greinke’s teammate, and more.

Here’s the full breakdown.

  • 2:00: Welcome Vinnie Pasquantino to Short and to the Point
  • 2:31: Where does the IDGAF attitude come from?
  • 3:53: Players opening up more
  • 5:24: Spring training/rehabbing shoulder
  • 6:03: Mentality when dealing with an injury
  • 7:31: Royals being a playoff team in 2024
  • 9:33: Bobby Witt Jr.
  • 11:08: Salvador Pérez
  • 12:09: What makes for a good clubhouse?
  • 13:33: Added expectations and pressure for the 2024 Royals season
  • 14:02: Takeaways from 2023
  • 14:43: Maintaining motivation throughout a season
  • 16:54: Possibility of being traded during wedding
  • 18:03: Dealing with rumors
  • 18:40: Hosting a podcast
  • 21:13: Biggest surprise when hosting a podcast
  • 22:38: Profile picture
  • 26:13: Zack Greinke
  • 27:43: Getting older
  • 30:06: Being promoted to the Big Leagues
  • 32:24: Do players care about being on prospect lists?
  • 33:51: Being able to tell who can play before they do
  • 35:59: Emotions of being promoted
  • 38:19: Difficulties coming back from injury
  • 38:37: Being a “stud”

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