Ryan Jensen and Garrett Gilkey Ryan Jensen and Garrett Gilkey on Short and to the Point.

Host Jessica Kleinschmidt interviews NFL players Ryan Jensen and Garrett Gilkey. Ryan and Garrett discuss with Jessica a wide range of topics including athletes needing to open up more about mental health, their luxury home company GILK, playing with Tom Brady, and more.

If you are interested in checking out GILK, visit their website gilk.com and follow GILK on Instagram @wearegilk.

Here’s the full breakdown.

  • 2:16: Welcome Ryan and Garrett to Short and to the Point
  • 2:42: What are Ryan and Garrett up to?
  • 4:13: GILK’s mission
  • 5:43: Transitions in life
  • 7:37: Making the decision to retire as a pro athlete
  • 11:31: Attaching trauma to what a player is going through in retirement
  • 14:15: Using competitive nature an athlete has in GILK
  • 15:31: Processing injury and transitioning into a post-playing career
  • 17:37: Being teammates with Tom Brady
  • 18:27: Being a “protector” on and off the field
  • 19:51: Transparency being important in GILK
  • 25:21: What Ryan and Garrett experienced that told them they were being taken advantage of
  • 28:45: Vulnerability being a taboo topic for athletes
  • 31:26: The “dumb jock” stereotype
  • 35:05: Ryan not being an asshole
  • 39:04: What does the Buccaneers organization mean to Ryan and Garrett
  • 42:22: Athletes opening up about mental health
  • 45:18: Dave Canales

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