Oshae Jones Oshae Jones on Short and to the Point

Host Jessica Kleinschmidt interviews Olympic bronze medalist boxer Oshae “Suga” Jones. Jessica and Oshae discuss a wide range of topics including participating in the 2020 Summer Olympics, trying to make weight, being bullied in school, being feminine out of the ring, the state of women’s boxing and state of women’s sports, and more. Oshae will fight against Sonya Dreiling, March 29 on DAZN, the DAZN app, and Overtime’s social media channels.

Here’s the full breakdown.

  • 1:40: Welcome Oshae Jones to Short and to the Point
  • 1:47: Being the first of something (Oshae was the first boxer from Ohio to compete in the Olympics)
  • 2:29: Was the Olympics always the goal?
  • 3:17: Boxing as a career
  • 4:03: First paycheck from boxing
  • 5:05: Going to the Olympics
  • 7:29: Socializing at the Olympics
  • 8:24: Finding balance of training and rest
  • 8:49: Mentality about making weight
  • 10:12: Food Oshae misses the most
  • 11:06: Benefit of having family training with you
  • 12:30: Overcoming fears
  • 13:53: Influenced by others
  • 14:29: Being bullied in school
  • 16:12: Going from being bullied to being praised
  • 17:10: Showing off femininity
  • 19:03: Embracing femininity
  • 19:56: Social media
  • 20:36: Messages from people who were motivated
  • 21:35: Getting international attention
  • 22:17: Entrances
  • 23:06: Learning lessons in losing
  • 24:01: Mentality after a loss
  • 25:18: Embracing the process
  • 25:52: Belt or win that sticks out for Oshae?
  • 26:30: Stopping to smell the roses
  • 27:17: Mindset of training
  • 28:01: Conditioning routine
  • 29:04: Competitive outside the ring
  • 29:37: Not wrestling competitively
  • 30:24: Sportsmanship
  • 31:45: Reeling ego in while fighting
  • 33:33: Day of fight routine
  • 34:59: Music choices on fight day
  • 36:45: Has society appreciated female boxing?
  • 38:32: How can society support women’s sports better
  • 39:56: Shift in support for women’s boxing

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