Montez Ford Montez Ford on Short and to the Point

Host Jessica Kleinschmidt interviews WWE Superstar and member of the Street Profits Montez Ford. Jessica and Montez, who is on the show thanks to Snickers, discuss a wide range of topics including getting payback toward The Final Testament, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson inspiring Montez when he was a kid, being married to Bianca Belair and filming a reality show together, and more.

NOTE: We recorded with Montez Monday morning, just before his WrestleMania match was announced.

Here’s the full breakdown.

  • 1:58: Welcome Montez to Short and to the Point
  • 2:01: Montez’s attire
  • 2:57: Snickers
  • 4:28: Where does Montez’s confidence come from?
  • 7:47: WrestleMania vibe backstage
  • 9:19: Losing opportunity to be in WrestleMania Tag Title match
  • 11:10: What do the Street Profits need to do in order to be at next year’s WrestleMania and competing for the Tag Titles?
  • 12:15: Setting the tone
  • 13:33: Athletic background helping in ring
  • 16:05: Desire to constantly improve
  • 18:33: Being open and authentic/discussing weaknesses
  • 22:04: The Rock inspiring Montez when he was a kid and paying it forward today
  • 24:51: A revamp of 90s WWE happening?
  • 26:13: Bianca Belair/maintaining a marriage while wrestling and doing a reality show
  • 28:55: Being open about personal life
  • 30:34: Women who make the first move more likely leading to marriage

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