Maggie Gray

On this episode of the Awful Announcing Podcast, host Brandon Contes was joined by Maggie Gray. Contes and Gray touch on a wide range of topics including replacing Mike Francesa at WFAN, her hot take about kids at postgame press conferences, covering Kyrie Irving in high school, and Aaron Rodgers dealing with the NYC media.

Here’s the full breakdown.

  •  :36: Andrew Perloff eating a jar of peanut butter
  • 2:22: Eating challenges in radio
  • 4:40: Radio providing organic moments
  • 6:31: Maggie on the state of national radio
  • 9:15: Catering to a variety of audiences
  • 11:00: How does Maggie feel about not being on terrestrial radio in NYC?
  • 11:49: Similarities and differences in national and local radio
  • 13:28: Building chemistry with one co-host compared to two co-hosts
  • 15:37: Transitioning from WFAN to CBS Sports Radio
  • 18:56: Maggie on the pressure of replacing Mike Francesa
  • 20:08: Did Maggie feel she had Francesa’s support when taking over?
  • 21:46: Did Maggie feel she had WFAN’s support when Francesa came back?
  • 24:04: Discussing James Dolan’s interview on Carton and Roberts
  • 27:14: Was Maggie concerned for her WFAN job after calling Dolan a “vile piece of trash?”
  • 28:25: Maggie talks about her “kids shouldn’t be at postgame press conferences” hot take
  • 30:28: The misconception that Maggie is against kids in general
  • 31:08: Maggie reveals the “genesis” behind her take
  • 32:32: Covering Kyrie Irving while Irving was in high school
  • 34:53: When Maggie stopped defending Irving
  • 36:31: Would Maggie have Jim Breuer back?
  • 37:26: Was Maggie surprised with the direction Breuer took his comedy in?
  • 38:59: Maggie’s appreciation of Artie Lange
  • 39:56: Maggie’s reaction to Aaron Rodgers taking issue with Romeo Dobbs interview
  • 42:57: How will Rodgers fare with the NYC media?

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