Karl Ravech Karl Ravech on Short and to the Point

Host Jessica Kleinschmidt interviews ESPN baseball commentator Karl Ravech. Jessica and Karl discuss a wide range of topics including the format chances to the MLB Home Run Derby, the influx of young talent in the league, introducing someone to baseball, and more.

The 2024 MLB Home Run Derby will take place on Monday, July 15 at 8:00 PM ET on ESPN.

Here’s the full breakdown.

  • 2:30: Welcome Karl to Short and to the Point
  • 2:56: Journey of getting to ESPN
  • 4:49: Working with son, Sam, in sports media
  • 6:13: Versatility being more and more important throughout Karl’s career
  • 7:31: Transitioning out of SportsCenter and getting out of comfort zone
  • 9:33: Embracing the pitch clock
  • 11:34: Rooting for people instead of teams
  • 13:54: What makes Alex Cora stand out?
  • 15:38: Relationship with the game changes from player to coach
  • 17:39: Players having the mentality to have long careers
  • 20:04: Aaron Judge and the pressure to “save the game”
  • 23:15: Influx of younger talent now in MLB
  • 24:41: Power of shortstops
  • 26:18: Home Run Derby changes
  • 28:38: Risk of Injuries in Home Run Derby
  • 31:14: PED’s
  • 36:04: Forgetting that players are humans
  • 38:28: Changes to game from a media aspect since Karl first started
  • 41:00: How to introduce someone to baseball?

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