Bomani Jones

We’re back! After a few years, the Awful Announcing Podcast returns.

On this episode, host Brandon Contes was joined by Bomani Jones. Contes and Jones discussed ESPN layoffs and ESPN Radio’s future, adjusting to having a writing team for Game Theory, why Skip Bayless wasn’t wrong for his controversial Damar Hamlin tweet, and why Jones “would not be surprised” if Stephen A. Smith ran for political office.

Here’s the full breakdown.

  • 1:02: Bomani’s path to ESPN and sports media
  • 2:36: Embracing streaming/podcasting before the industry did
  • 5:26: Does Bomani miss doing local radio?
  • 8:03: Bomani on ESPN layoffs
  • 9:42: Bomani on ESPN Radio’s future
  • 12:01: Did Bomani feel ESPN was “all in” on his radio show?
  • 14:56: Transitioning from radio to podcasting
  • 17:33: Content freedom/adjusting to writing team for Game Theory
  • 19:56: High Noon content freedom/why it ended
  • 24:04: Not hosting Highly Questionable full-time after High Noon ended
  • 26:57: Does Bomani feel he’s underutilized on ESPN TV?
  • 27:42: Why Bomani isn’t on First Take?
  • 28:56: Bomani on Chris “Mad Dog” Russo on First Take
  • 30:40: Debating Skip Bayless
  • 32:33: Praising Skip Bayless
  • 36:13: Bomani on why people “pile on” Skip Bayless?
  • 37:00: Would Bomani be interested in debating Skip Bayless again?
  • 37:29: Bomani on Stephen A. Smith getting political
  • 38:47: Does Bomani think Stephen A. Smith would run for political office?
  • 39:23: Bomani on Stephen A. Smith interviewing Clay Travis
  • 40:13: Bomani on Tucker Carlson and Don Lemon firings
  • 41:51: Does Bomani want a bigger role in cable news?
  • 42:35: Bomani on aggregate media

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