Steve Levy Steve Levy on the Awful Announcing Podcast. Photo credit: Joe Faraoni / ESPN Images

Host Brandon Contes interviews ESPN’s Steve Levy. Brandon and Steve discuss a wide range of topics including being a Rangers fan and working with Mark Messier, working Monday Night Football, his infamous “bulging disc” blooper, why Pat McAfee is a “genius,” and more.

Here’s the full breakdown:

  • 1:00: Watching NHL games from the studio
  • 2:01: Becoming a Rangers fan
  • 3:00: ESPN’s near-“Heidi Bowl” moment Tuesday night
  • 4:08: NHL on ESPN
  • 5:30: Atmosphere at ESPN when the NHL left network in 2004?
  • 7:39: Calling an NHL game in 2021 compared to 2003
  • 8:49: Barry Melrose
  • 10:31: Working with Mark Messier and P.K. Subban
  • 13:06: Doing NHL in studio, MNF, and NHL games
  • 14:29: Being versatile
  • 17:37: Being the voice of Monday Night Football
  • 19:19: Three person booths
  • 20:43: MNF job being temporary?
  • 24:49: Being replaced by Chris Fowler on the second MNF crew
  • 27:20: Working with Pat McAfee
  • 29:52: NHL talk on ESPN shows
  • 31:08: NHL marketing its stars
  • 33:39: Another NHL who can transcend the sport like Wayne Gretzky?
  • 34:45: Working at MSG
  • 36:54: Doing updates at WFAN
  • 38:33: SportsCenter
  • 39:41: The “bulging disc” blooper
  • 43:41: Added pressure filling in for Dan or Keith on “The Big Show?”

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