Ryan Ruocco

On this episode of the Awful Announcing Podcast, host Brandon Contes was joined by Ryan Ruocco, play-by-play commentator for the NBA and WNBA for ESPN as well as the New York Yankees and Brooklyn Nets for YES, in addition to co-hosting the “R2C2 Podcast” with CC Sabathia. Contes and Ruocco discuss a wide range of topics including being the “Voice of the WNBA,” working an NBA game for ESPN the night COVID shut everything down, Pat McAfee moving to ESPN, working with Stephen A. Smith, and more.

Here’s the full breakdown.

  • :50: Growing up wanting to do multiple sports or a single sport
  • 2:26: Being the “Voice of the WNBA”
  • 5:13: WNBA perceptions
  • 7:39: Has NBA comparison narrative started to change?
  • 8:27: Ryan’s voice exercises
  • 8:57: Ryan on Jeff Van Gundy’s reaction to his voice exercises
  • 12:02: NBA coaches could benefit from similar voice exercises to preserve voice
  • 13:52: Having voice issues
  • 17:17: Michael Kay’s influence on Ryan’s career
  • 20:13: Preference in doing baseball on TV or radio
  • 21:55: Being bumped from Aaron Judge’s 61st home run game
  • 24:25: Does Ryan envision being the voice of a specific team?
  • 26:43: Calling the NBA on ESPN when the league suspended the season due to COVID
  • 29:15: Sudden shift from normal to everything stopping while on broadcast
  • 30:56: Is there an analyst Ryan has worked with (Van Gundy, Mark Jackson, JJ Redick, Richard Jefferson, etc.) who’s more hungry to get into coaching?
  • 36:03: Broadcasting when at a similar age as many of the players
  • 39:10: “R2C2 Podcast” with CC Sabathia
  • 42:27: Interactions with Bill Simmons
  • 45:02: Thoughts on Pat McAfee moving to ESPN
  • 46:46: Working with Stephen A. Smith
  • 51:20: Were there difficulties working with Stephen A. at first?
  • 52:25: Stephen A’s lack of complacency
  • 53:19: Future career aspirations

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