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Host Brandon Contes interviews Pablo Torre, host of Meadowlark Media’s Pablo Torre Finds Out podcast, as well as being on Around the Horn and Pardon the Interruption. Contes and Torre discuss a wide range of topics including the Taylor Swift/Travis Kelce relationship and how that’s impacting the NFL, confronting Dan Le Batard about having former president Donald Trump on his show many times, Stephen A. Smith blurring the lines of journalism and entertainment, and more.

Here’s the full breakdown

  • 1:08: Taylor Swift/Travis Kelce
  • 3:14: Swift making NFL secondary to her
  • 5:15: Dan Le Batard/Donald Trump
  • 7:46 Was Pablo aware of how much Le Batard and Trump spoke?
  • 9:23: Trump on the radio
  • 11:18: Chris Christie
  • 11:47: Russell Wilson episode of Pablo Torre Finds Out
  • 14:06: Freedom at Meadowlark Media
  • 15:40: Work split between Meadowlark, ESPN, and MSNBC
  • 17:00: Has Stephen A. Smith helped others at ESPN to have other ventures?
  • 18:07: Le Batard possibly understanding conservatives leaving ESPN for more freedom
  • 22:54: Having first ever TV appearance on The O’Reilly Factor
  • 26:24: Toughest TV appearance
  • 28:06: Tony Kornheiser/Michael Wilbon
  • 31:41: Are debate shows good or bad for sports?
  • 34:03: Interactions with Stephen A. Smith
  • 36:27: Stephen A. as an entertainer and a journalist
  • 39:13: High Noon
  • 40:15: Why didn’t High Noon last as a show?
  • 42:14: Would High Noon have been more successful if it was streamed pre-recorded or live?
  • 43:19: Was it hard to keep working for ESPN after High Noon was canceled?
  • 44:51: Was High Noon hurt by it being branded as a “smart” show?
  • 46:53: Working in sports instead of going to law school after Harvard
  • 50:07: Aaron Rodgers and Jeremy Lin parallels
  • 53:18: Linsanity helping Pablo get hired at ESPN
  • 54:16: If Linsanity continued, would Pablo have been an NBA reporter and be Jeremy Lin’s Brian Windhorst?
  • 55:40: Sports content Pablo grew up watching/listening to
  • 58:00: What does Pablo want to do in the future?

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