Michael Holley Michael Holley on the Awful Announcing Podcast

Host Brandon Contes interviews former Around the Horn panelist and co-host of Brother From Another Michael Holley. Brandon and Michael discuss a wide range of topics including the Boston media’s feelings about Joe Mazzulla, Kyrie Irving’s tenure in Boston, being on Around the Horn, working with Max Kellerman, and more.

Here’s the full breakdown:

  • :40: Pressure on the Celtics in NBA Finals
  • 2:47: Confidence from fanbase/media
  • 5:37: Stephen A. Smith’s report on Jaylen Brown’s attitude
  • 7:54: Power struggle between Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum
  • 9:44: Joe Mazzulla and the Boston media
  • 13:36: Biggest criticism of Mazzulla
  • 15:26: Mike Felger and JJ Redick
  • 17:28: Northeast sports talk radio
  • 18:27: Kyrie Irving in Boston
  • 22:28: Irving with media in Boston
  • 24:25: Barstool influencing Boston sports media
  • 27:33: When was Michael aware of Barstool
  • 28:32: Who is more popular among Boston sports fans? Dave Portnoy or Bill Simmons?
  • 30:37: Teaching journalism classes
  • 32:09: Doing daily sports talk radio in Boston
  • 35:07: What happened to WEEI?
  • 39:57: Why did Michael leave WEEI?
  • 45:27: Bill Belichick’s relationship with Robert Kraft
  • 49:17: Logan Ryan’s comments that politics played a role in Patriots dynasty demise
  • 50:54: Tom Brady at Fox
  • 52:12: Could Brady play football again?
  • 52:59: Michael Smith
  • 54:34: Freedom of Brother From Another
  • 57:53: Around the Horn
  • 1:02:11: Panelist Michael didn’t like debating or working with?
  • 1:03:15: Being on I, Max with Max Kellerman
  • 1:08:53: Working with and having a relationship with Kellerman
  • 1:10:24: Relief to stop I, Max
  • 1:13:06: Talking with Max recently?
  • 1:15:41: Going back to Around the Horn?

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