John Ireland

On this episode of the Awful Announcing Podcast, host Brandon Contes was joined by John Ireland, radio voice of the Los Angeles Lakers and co-host of “Mason and Ireland” on ESPN Radio in LA. Contes and Ireland discuss a wide range of topics including a potential “Last Dance” docuseries with Kobe or LeBron, Kobe and Shaq’s divorce and reconciliation, and covering an NBA Finals during a pandemic.

Here’s the full breakdown.

  • :44: Living out a dream job as radio voice of the Lakers
  • 1:37: Working with Chick Hearn, receiving advice from Chick
  • 2:21: Working with Mychal Thompson, dealing with Lakers-Warriors series with son Klay playing for the opposition
  • 3:12: John on the Lakers’ dramatic turnaround this season
  • 4:24: LeBron James chasing Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s career scoring record
  • 5:37: John explaining his call when LeBron set the record
  • 7:10: Was John nervous making a monumental call like that?
  • 8:14: Difference in radio and TV broadcasting during historic moments
  • 11:26: Covering LeBron in Los Angeles. How do the locals view LeBron?
  • 12:38: How do Lakers fans view the “bubble championship?”
  • 14:03: Lakers receiving local attention vs national attention
  • 15:43: Differences in covering LeBron James and Kobe Bryant
  • 17:15: Local news stations covering Kobe and LeBron
  • 18:30: Kobe, LeBron, Shaq personalties
  • 22:36: Kobe and Shaq divorce
  • 25:07: Were there any incidents between Kobe and Shaq during this time?
  • 27:42: Did John have a stronger relationship with Kobe or Shaq?
  • 29:25: Kobe or LeBron “Last Dance” docuseries???
  • 31:00: Covering Kobe’s death
  • 37:08: Calling the NBA Finals from a studio during a pandemic
  • 39:20: Doing TV play-by-play
  • 40:04: John on Charles Barkley saying broadcasting sporting events on radio is “the stupidest thing in the world”
  • 43:21: Difference between ESPN’s and TNT’s NBA studio shows
  • 45:12: Dynamic of hosting an ESPN Radio show in LA and working for the Lakers
  • 46:35: Has LeBron ever complained over something John said either on commentary or on the radio?
  • 47:54: John’s proudest call

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