Jemele Hill Jemele Hill on the Awful Announcing Podcast

Host Brandon Contes interviews former ESPN host and current writer for The Atlantic, Jemele Hill. Brandon and Jemele have an in-depth discussion about the Pat McAfee/Aaron Rodgers saga. From Rodgers insinuating Jimmy Kimmel was in the Jeffrey Epstein files to McAfee accusing ESPN exec Norby Williamson of trying to sabotage The Pat McAfee Show. We also talk about SC6, Stephen A. Smith, Skip Bayless, and more.

Here’s the full breakdown:

  • :56: Feelings toward ESPN about Pat McAfee/Aaron Rodgers/Norby Williamson/Jimmy Kimmel situation
  • 2:14: Internal conversations at ESPN regarding Rodgers
  • 4:54: Should ESPN talent be treated equally?
  • 6:39: Is McAfee giving other ESPN people the invitation to be controversial on the air?
  • 8:29: How does The Pat McAfee Show fit at ESPN?
  • 10:02: Where does McAfee rank in ESPN’s hierarchy?
  • 11:46: McAfee having leverage at ESPN
  • 13:54: Pat McAfee and Norby Williamson
  • 15:25: McAfee’s comments on Williamson
  • 18:25: Value of an exec to potentially not stop the sabotaging of a show on their network
  • 20:40: Calling out an exec on the air
  • 22:03: Should McAfee take on a more journalistic approach?
  • 25:35: What will ESPN do in regard to Aaron Rodgers?
  • 28:06: Would Jemele file a lawsuit if she was Kimmel?
  • 29:04: Who holds more power at Disney? Kimmel or McAfee?
  • 29:57: Has ESPN quietly removed the “stick to sports” mandate?
  • 31:55: Expectation of what the audience should get from an ESPN show
  • 34:18: Is there an interviewer who could challenge Rodgers?
  • 35:45: Aaron Rodgers’ legacy
  • 39:37: Is this controversial attention beneficial for The Pat McAfee Show?
  • 40:47: Does ESPN view this as beneficial?
  • 41:48: Did Jemele wish she had this kind of freedom at ESPN?
  • 44:27: Value of traditional journalism at ESPN
  • 46:16: SC6 as a personality driven show
  • 52:41: Trying to push back on the narratives
  • 56:10: Was SC6 hurt by the SportsCenter brand or the 6:00 time slot?
  • 57:43: The Donald Trump tweet
  • 1:00:32: Any regrets to posting that?
  • 1:02:21: Potentially being Skip Bayless’ debate partner on First Take
  • 1:04:31: Working with Bayless
  • 1:05:25: First Take debating style
  • 1:07:36: Stephen A. Smith’s and Skip Bayless’ role and influence in sports and cable news debate

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