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Host Brandon Contes interviews Fox broadcaster and new voice of the Detroit Tigers Jason Benetti. Brandon and Jason discuss a wide range of topics including working with Bill Walton, Kevin Brown’s suspension from the Orioles, having cerebral palsy, leaving the Chicago White Sox to become the TV voice of the Detroit Tigers, and more.

Here’s the full breakdown:

  • :37: Being the voice of the Detroit Tigers
  • 1:12: White Sox voice being a “dream job”
  • 3:05: Being a White Sox fan while calling games
  • 4:39: Is it easier or harder to call games of a team being a fan of?
  • 7:23: Why was Detroit the right fit?
  • 8:46: Relationship with White Sox front office
  • 9:59: Complaints from Jerry Reinsdorf?
  • 11:21: Is Reinsdorf the same owner with the White Sox as he is with the Bulls?
  • 13:31: Surprised by the press and attention about getting the Tigers job
  • 16:08: Striving to have a deep connection to fans on a local MLB broadcast
  • 20:01: Did the Kevin Brown situation play a role in Jason going to the Tigers?
  • 22:01: Would Jason have trouble working for a team that wouldn’t allow him to be critical of that team?
  • 25:01: Interviewing for the Tigers
  • 27:16: Challenge of replacing Hawk Harrelson
  • 28:50: White Sox hiring Tony La Russa
  • 30:25: La Russa sleeping in dugout
  • 32:11: Being in the clubhouse and be available to the team before the game
  • 34:20: Tigers analysts
  • 35:09: Having a say in broadcast partners?
  • 35:57: Doing national broadcasts along with local broadcasts
  • 36:27: Is local MLB broadcasting always going to be a part of Jason’s career?
  • 38:55: Having cerebral palsy and being a broadcaster
  • 41:33: Being self-conscious about being on camera -42:35: Going to law school
  • 44:27: Who would make a better attorney? Jason or Bill Walton?
  • 46:21: Working with Walton
  • 47:19: Things Walton said on the broadcast that surprised Jason?
  • 50:12: Having trust in Walton’s filter for a national audience

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