We’re back with another podcast in advance of The Masters this week.

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This week, Ben Heisler is joined by Golf Channel and NBC golf analyst Notah Begay to talk about The Masters, Tiger Woods, his golf career, transitioning from being an active golfer into a broadcaster, and more.

  • 6:35 – When he knew he was good enough to be amongst the best golfers in the world
  • 7:52 – How it’s important not to be a second-guesser as a golf analyst
  • 9:00 – On his many adjustments into television and no longer being “the attraction”
  • 10:27 – On the toughest challenge for athletes leaving their professional sport behind
  • 11:48 – When he finally got “sick of golf”
  • 13:42 – Which celebrity he considers the most elite amateur golfer out there
  • 16:58 – Has golf done enough to appeal to younger viewers and players
  • 23:47 – What were him and Tiger Woods like when they were at Stanford together
  • 27:50 – Does he appreciate his NCAA Championship more than his PGA Tour wins?
  • 29:04 – Why does he think people still care about the Tiger narrative
  • 31:20 – Who would be the five guys he’d take to win The Masters (ahead of the field)

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