With the World Cup coming to a close, ESPN soccer analyst Taylor Twellman joined the AA podcast this week.

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Twellman and Ben Heisler chatted about this summer’s World Cup, covering it without highlights for ESPN, his media career, the USMNT, concussions, and much more.

  • 6:05 – His “summer internship” experience with Van Pelt on SC & “Drawing the World Cup”
  • 10:20 – The one goal he had when he was doing his SVP SC hits
  • 11:02 – Was there any benefit for the USMNT not being in this year’s World Cup for the viewers?
  • 15:40 – How far out is the U.S team from positioning themselves into being legit WC contenders consistently?
  • 19:20 – Who first inspired him to play soccer + his family’s unique athletic background
  • 23:00 – How he never expected to enter the media and who helped him get started as an analyst
  • 25:00 – His perspective on hot take culture in sports talk
  • 27:15 – Has he done a 180 on any strong opinion he’s had recently?
  • 32:54 – Working with as many talented broadcasters as he has at ESPN
  • 36:52 – The ThinkTaylor Foundation and helping educate the public on head injuries and concussions
  • 40:42 – Can soccer become a more “safe” sport?

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