It’s a double podcast week, with ESPN’s Marty Smith joining us for the second episode of the week.

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Host Ben Heisler was joined by ESPN’s Marty Smith prior to the launch of his new show, Marty Smith’s America.

  • 6:30 – What to look forward to in this episode with Saban, Harbaugh, Jimbo & Frost etc
  • 10:30 – How his situation presents opportunities for hard nosed coaches to let loose
  • 12:40 – Starting at ESPN and being different than a lot of the other reporters he was around
  • 18:08 – When he finally found his voice at ESPN
  • 23:30 – How he started getting new opportunities & how his friends were crucial in his rise
  • 27:30 – How he first pitched Marty Smith’s America
  • 32:30 – Where did the “Marty Party” nickname come from?
  • 35:40 – Who is someone you’ve met that the public has misjudged or doesn’t truly understand
  • 39:00 – His most embarrassing moments on television

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