On this week’s Awful Announcing podcast, host Ben Heisler was joined by ESPN’s Chris Fowler to talk about College GameDay, tennis, the College Football Playoff, and a whole lot more.

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Here’s the full breakdown.

  • 3:00 – Why he loves creating a bunch of new content on Instagram/Why it’s more positive than Twitter
  • 4:30 – Finding a good balance between talking sports vs life on social media
  • 6:05 – Was leaving Gameday emotional for you?
  • 8:41 – Does he still watch the show?
  • 10:02 – His first interest in college football living in State College
  • 12:08 – Early influences in the broadcast world
  • 14:29 – His father being a Theater Professor and if there’s any influence in getting him started in sportscasting/speaking
  • 17:00 – On finding ways to stand out when newer generations are growing up comfortable in front of a camera
  • 18:58 – Starting at ESPN just a few years out of college
  • 22:02 – Does he ever think of the “what if?” Including a decision for him at ESPN that would’ve taken him away from the Gameday opportunity
  • 25:30 – On the decision to move from Gameday to more play-by-play coverage, specifically the Saturday night game of the week
  • 27:05 – What stands out the most in the 25+ years of being a part of the show
  • 32:53 – On his time broadcasting tennis and how long it took him to get comfortable doing play-by-play for it
  • 36:58 – Previewing the National Championship / Megacast talk

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