Craig Carton Craig Carton on The Awful Announcing Podcast

Host Brandon Contes interviews Craig Carton, formerly of WFAN and now host of “The Carton Show” on FS1. Contes and Carton discuss a wide range of topics including his dislike of Mike Francesa, almost replacing Howard Stern, being the face of gambling addiction, and more.

Here’s the full breakdown

  • :40: Being a “former” WFAN host
  • 1:29: Decision to leave WFAN
  • 2:42: Doing TV and radio on the same day
  • 4:03: “The Carton Show” growth over the past year
  • 4:51: Reception of the show on social media
  • 5:46: Critics and haters
  • 7:05: Being comfortable with clips generating social media engagement
  • 8:43: Craig’s recent Jets soundbite
  • 9:41: Ratings talk
  • 10:37: Cody Decker
  • 11:15: Decker doing a morning TV show and a mid-day afternoon radio show
  • 12:46: Being exclusive to Fox growing “The Carton Show”
  • 13:12: Can you love TV as much as loving radio?
  • 14:06: TV hosting/radio hosting
  • 14:30: Is there any wasted talent by not doing radio?
  • 15:04: Being a performer
  • 16:46: Returning to WFAN after prison
  • 17:56: Evan Roberts
  • 19:10: Roberts being the right fit for “Carton and Roberts”
  • 20:01: Moment the show started to click
  • 21:12: Roberts and Tiki Barber
  • 22:23: Taking pride in seeing people develop while at WFAN
  • 25:17: Rooting for “Evan and Tiki”
  • 27:05 : Mike Francesa
  • 28:59: Enjoying the rivalry with Francesa
  • 30:22: Listeners wanting Craig and Boomer Esiason to have a rivalry when Craig moved to afternoon
  • 32:59: Camaraderie at FS1
  • 33:43: Skip Bayless/Shannon Sharpe breakup
  • 33:59: Does debate format appeal to Craig?
  • 34:51: Greg Jennings/Skip Bayless clip
  • 36:46: Building chemistry with rotating hosts
  • 37:31: Almost replacing Howard Stern
  • 39:34: Animosity working for a station that didn’t let Craig replace Stern
  • 40:29: Affiliate plan
  • 41:21: Would replacing Stern been a harder challenge than replacing Don Imus?
  • 42:47: Mark Chernoff
  • 43:29: Secret meeting with Francesa
  • 44:29: Chris “Mad Dog” Russo
  • 44:56: Sports talk
  • 46:08: How long does Esiason have on radio?
  • 46:36: Would Craig ever come back to WFAN?
  • 47:22: Importance of “Hello, My Name is Craig”
  • 49:19: Gambling addiction
  • 50:40: Being an ambassador for FanDuel
  • 52:24: Does Craig treat the anniversary of his arrest different than any other day?

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