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Host Brandon Contes interviews Fox Sports broadcaster Chris Myers. Ahead of Fox’s 30th season broadcasting the NFL, Contes and Myers discuss a wide range of topics including calling Bryce Young’s first game, freezing up on live TV at the Super Bowl, interviewing O.J. Simpson post-trial, and more.

Here’s the full breakdown

  • 1:34: Still getting a rush calling football after all these years
  • 2:43: Calling Bryce Young’s first game
  • 4:27: Rookie players Chris called and thinking at the time they were special
  • 5:53: Preparing for the NFL season
  • 7:46: Difficulties of working preseason games
  • 9:51: Working the Super Bowl
  • 14:20: Interviewing Tom Brady after comeback Super Bowl win
  • 17:47: Based on interviews when he was a player, does Chris think Brady will be a great broadcaster?
  • 19:45: Working with Joe Buck and Troy Aikman
  • 20:44: Favorite analysts/analysts Chris wants to work with someday
  • 21:51: Reaction to Buck and Aikman going to ESPN
  • 23:11: Differences between working for ESPN and working for Fox
  • 26:17: Amid the Kevin Brown situation, was Chris ever unfairly reprimanded for something he said?
  • 29:19: Up Close and the O.J. Simpson interview
  • 31:18: Asking O.J. the tough questions
  • 33:33: Memorable or difficult interviews
  • 35:52: Being friends with Bill Murray
  • 38:55: Taking pride in being a versatile broadcaster
  • 41:35: Aaron Rodgers and the New York Jets

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