Chase Daniel Chase Daniel on the Awful Announcing Podcast

Host Brandon Contes interviews free agent quarterback and NFL Network analyst Chase Daniel. Contes and Daniel discuss a wide range of topics including being a career backup QB, how Hard Knocks isn’t a distraction, why Drew Brees did a good job as an analyst, and more.

Here’s the full breakdown

  • :43: Is Chase retired from playing?
  • 1:28: Staying in game shape
  • 2:25: Finding the right fit to come back to play
  • 4:39: Being a backup quarterback
  • 6:22: Perennial backup QB’s who never got the opportunity to be a starter
  • 8:13: NFL Network
  • 9:54: Being honest at NFL Network while still playing
  • 11:46: Did Chase have a teammate or opponent complain about something he said?
  • 12:36: Similarities in preparation as a quarterback and as an analyst
  • 14:05: Tony Romo predicting plays
  • 15:28: Talking to networks about game analyst work
  • 16:50: Possible pushback from networks given Chase isn’t fully retired?
  • 18:03: Hard Knocks
  • 19:40: Does Hard Knocks hinder a team’s ability to go to the Super Bowl?
  • 20:55: Podcasting with Trey Wingo
  • 23:12: Interest in media
  • 27:06: ESPN Radio
  • 28:22: The Chase Daniel/Chase Patton ESPN the Magazine cover
  • 30:25: Former teammates who could be great broadcasters
  • 32:06: Drew Brees as a broadcaster
  • 34:21: Sean Payton as a broadcaster
  • 35:45: Payton returning to coaching
  • 36:48: Payton with Russell Wilson
  • 38:18: Are the Wilson/Brees comparisons fair?
  • 39:48: Talking to teams about coaching?
  • 41:07: Payton calling out Nathaniel Hackett
  • 43:15: Better offensive coach? Sean Payton or Andy Reid?
  • 44:44: Biggest surprise in Week 1?
  • 45:58: Biggest disappointment in Week 1?
  • 46:56: Daniel Jones
  • 48:33: Dak Prescott
  • 49:55: Do the 49ers more deserve credit for finding Brock Purdy or ridicule for missing on Trey Lance?
  • 51:14: Which veteran has a better chance of Comeback Player of the Year? Russell Wilson or Matthew Stafford?
  • 52:12: Current rookie QB who has the best chance to be a franchise QB?
  • 53:25: Impressed with Jordan Love?

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