Candace Parker

On this week’s edition of the Awful Announcing podcast, host Ben Heisler was joined by Turner Sports NBA and NCAA analyst Candace Parker, and the two talked about Parker’s early days as a basketball player, her growing career as an analyst with Turner Sports, her new podcast with Kristen Ledlow, and much more.

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Here’s the full rundown of Heisler’s chat with Parker.

  • 2:08 – Her dominant High School championship performance against Ben’s HS team
  • 3:05 – Where her love of basketball first began
  • 4:50 – How her and her dad were part of the “positionless basketball movement” early on in her life
  • 6:00 – On all the challenging coaches that impacted her life/career
  • 7:10 – Toughest player/competitor on the court she’s ever faced
  • 9:18 – Could the NBA learn or grow from anything the WNBA has been doing (or vice versa)
  • 12:55 – Could she see herself running an organization or coaching after her playing career is over?
  • 14:11 – On how she was approached by Turner to be an analyst
  • 15:29 – Early influences in her media career and who helped her along the way
  • 16:20 – Her new podcast with Kristen Ledlow
  • 17:48 – Does she feel a connection to Zion Williamson as two highly touted prospects coming into college/pros
  • 19:40 – Which team does she always have to tune in to watch?
  • 21:05 – Any potential surprise teams this year?
  • 22:55 – Any chance the Bulls could be a playoff team this year/Zach LaVine primed for a huge year

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