Bram Weinstein Bram Weinstein on the Awful Announcing Podcast

On this episode of the Awful Announcing Podcast, host Brandon Contes interviews Bram Weinstein, former ESPN SportsCenter anchor and current play-by-play radio voice of the Washington Commanders. Contes and Weinstein discuss a wide range of topics including Daniel Snyder as former owner of the Washington Commanders, the “Commanders” name, being a SportsCenter anchor, Dan Le Batard’s thoughts on Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless, and more.

Here’s the full breakdown.

  • :45: Reaction to ownership change
  • 2:14: Fan frustration of supporting Commanders but not wanting to support Daniel Snyder
  • 4:08: Recent interactions with Snyder
  • 4:44: Was Snyder aware he was so disliked by the fanbase?
  • 7:15: Was Snyder unfairly blamed at times?
  • 9:41: Topic changing to Snyder when hosting fan events
  • 11:48: Most surprising Snyder move: Changing the name or selling the team?
  • 13:47: Did the rebrand buy Snyder more time?
  • 15:00: Will the Commanders ever have throwback uniforms?
  • 17:47: Was “Commanders” the right pick for the new name?
  • 19:58: Staff feelings with new ownership in terms of job security
  • 22:30: Being play-by-play voice of childhood team
  • 24:33: Play-by-play experience before the Commanders
  • 26:30: Difficulties of working first season during COVID-19 pandemic
  • 27:57: First time calling a game in front of a full crowd
  • 28:41: Balancing hosting local sports talk radio and working play-by-play in terms of having opinions about the Commanders
  • 30:41: Was Bram ever too critical on his radio show?
  • 32:10: Realistic expectations for the Commanders this season
  • 34:03: Working on SportsCenter
  • 35:25: How much input did Bram have in his SportsCenter episodes?
  • 37:09: Doing ‘This is SportsCenter’ commercials
  • 37:54: The SportsCenter brand changing
  • 40:28: Thoughts on Dan Le Batard’s comments about Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless
  • 43:55: People Bram looked up to
  • 46:15: Does hosting a sports talk radio show in Washington D.C. bring more political talk?
  • 47:20: Political talk radio shows
  • 48:23: Creating and running Ampire Media

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