We’re back with another edition of the Awful Announcing Podcast, featuring Bleacher Report’s Adam Lefkoe.

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Here’s what Lefkoe and host Ben Heisler chatted about.

  • 4:01 – The star panel he’ll be a part of for “The Match” Tiger vs Phil
  • 5:58 – Embracing the unknown and throwing out the rundown/staying in the moment
  • 7:28 – Starting in local news and changing how content gets delivered over the last 10 years
  • 10:13 – On making mistakes early and whether “going viral” is possible anymore
  • 12:55 – How Awful Announcing played a role in his rise in the industry / the Seinfeldcast & Rapcast
  • 19:00 – The feeling of watching his sportscasts go viral
  • 20:50 – Any current/past influences on his work
  • 23:35 – Describing what the Simms & Lefkoe show is
  • 26:45 – Why hasn’t the rest of the media focused on NFL personality driven content & why their show works because they’re not in bed with the NFL
  • 27:57 – How the origin and initial pitch of the show transformed over time
  • 31:25 – On golf finally taking a risk and doing something genuinely cool with Tiger vs Phil
  • 34:50 – The sports wagering rise in coverage of our favorite sports

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