The podcast crew is back with another sports media roundtable.

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This week, Ben Heisler is joined by Andrew Bucholtz and Joe Lucia to discuss some of the biggest headlines in sports media.

  • 5:05 – why did the NCAA Tournament Selection Show suck so much?
  • 9:03 – how can CBS and Turner improve the Selection Show going forward, and do they actually care about making it better?
  • 12:57 – takeaways from the first weekend of the NCAA Tournament
  • 16:20 – broadcasting highlights from the NCAA Tournament
  • 20:40 – did we ever think we’d see a 16-seed beat a 1-seed in the men’s tournament?
  • 27:11 – thoughts on Joe Tessitore replacing Sean McDonough in the Monday Night Football booth
  • 32:40 – would Joe Thomas be a better choice for the analyst role than Peyton Manning?
  • 35:17 – is the John Skipper story over, or will more details continue to leak out?

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I hate your favorite team. I also sort of hate most of my favorite teams.