The SB Nation homepage on Jan. 20, 2023. The SB Nation homepage on Jan. 20, 2023.

SB Nation parent Vox Media has announced another round of layoffs and cuts, and once again, there’s a heavy impact on the sports side. Here’s the company announcement of the cuts, which came with a note that affected people would be emailed in the next 15 minutes, and with blame on “the economic climate”:

Here is the Vox union’s response:

There has not yet been a full description of exactly what these cuts entail on the sports side. But there do appear to be a lot of impacts for those covering hockey and soccer (both men’s and women’s, for both sports) in particular, with some employees let go and support for many sites fully cut. And there are some impacts elsewhere too, including social teams and podcasts across many sports. Here are a few of the many tweets from people impacted:

However, some hockey sites appear to have survived:

It’s difficult to get an accurate picture of what exactly is changing with SB Nation at the moment, and where exactly Vox’s sports coverage will go from here. But it is clear that a lot of prominent SB Nation employees have been let go, and a lot of prominent sites are, at the very least, losing their Vox/SB Nation affiliation. Our thoughts go out to all of those impacted.

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