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Robert Littal, the founder and editor-in-chief of Black Sports Online and the co-host of the TMZ Sports show on FS1 (update: as per Outkick’s Ryan Glasspiegel, Littal is now out there), is under fire from several former BSO contributors for propositioning them for sex, saying they’d have to show him their breasts if they made too many errors, making sexual jokes about them, and more. Sheena Quick, a former writer there who now works for Fox Sports 1340 in D.C., shared stories from her time at BSO on Twitter Saturday night:

Tamantha Gunn, a news editor for Revolt TV, shared further stories:

Gunn also shared a DM she received from another former writer:

Another woman on Twitter shared propositional DMs she received from Littal:

Several other BSO staffers past and present spoke up with their support for the women speaking out. And National Association of Black Journalists president Dorothy Tucker offered her support, and said the organization is crafting a statement.

Update: Here’s that statement:

On Monday, TMZ Sports also confirmed to Glasspiegel that Littal is no longer with their FS1 show:

Outkick has learned that Littal will no longer appear on TMZ Sports, a program that is produced by TMZ and airs on FS1.

“Robert Littal is no longer part of the TMZ Sports TV Show,” a TMZ spokesperson confirmed to Outkick in a statement.

On Sunday, Littal offered an apology for his “inappropriate” comments in a Periscope video, but one that didn’t mention the names of the women involved or the specific things he did wrong:

A partial transcription:

“There are some things as you’ve saw that I’ve said to my female contributors in the past that are very inappropriate. They were inconsiderate and they were flat-out wrong. And for that, I apologize for that, 100 percent. I was totally wrong with that. I shouldn’t have let it happen, I shouldn’t have said that, I apologize to all of those women in public. I have the utmost respect for Black women; my mom’s Black, my wife’s Black. I should never put them in a position to be uncomfortable. So I apologize to them publicly.”

“I just wanted to address a couple of things that you have seen. The group chat, the groupme that you saw, from you know, four years ago, from four years ago, the group chat that you saw that I got upset in, I am personally responsible for that group chat. I let all of that stuff go in group chat. I was the one who allowed that group chat to get like that, to get toxic. And the day that that happened, I got upset, and I shouldn’t have lashed out. But what happened after that, I did apologize, and we made sure that that would never happen again. I did participate in it, and that never happened again after that.”

“…The overseer situation was, we all had nicknames in the chat, it was just one of the nicknames that I had. With that being said, I want people to truly understand that I never physically assaulted any woman in my life. I just want to draw the line between my inappropriate comments and sexual assault, which is a very serious thing. I never did that and I never will do that. I’ve never done that.”

“I’ve always been someone like I said that is giving it to you guys straight, so I’m not going to run from it. I own up to my own mistakes and how I talked to the contributors and I apologize for it. As far as the not paying part, yeah, that’s actually something that is up front, everybody knows about that. So once again, I apologize to everyone for the things I have said in the past that have made anyone uncomfortable, I apologize for it. Once again, I am sorry for it. And I apologize for it.”

“I will continue to do what I’ve always tried to do, which is always stand up for Black people, do the best for Black people, and try to help the people in the industry. So that’s pretty much it. I wanted everybody to hear that, that I do apologize to each and every one of the women that came out. I apologize to anyone that I made feel uncomfortable. And I’m definitely going to do better, and I’ve done better. And I apologize to my wife as well. Thank you.”

Many responded that that apology didn’t go far enough:

And some noted that Littal didn’t address particular complaints, including byline removal. On that front, Quick offered proof:


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