Channel 6, a new site from Spencer Hall and Holly Anderson.

From 2005 through 2019, Every Day Should Be Saturday was at the hub of much of the internet’s college football discussion, and Spencer Hall (who founded that site) and Holly Anderson were key parts of that. When EDSBS shut down in 2019, both of them moved on to SB Nation’s new college football site, Banner Society, and they continued with the Shutdown Fullcast podcast (alongside Jason Kirk and Ryan Nanni).

However, Vox Media’s sports-focused furloughs and layoffs led to Hall (once SB Nation’s editorial director) taking a buyout in June 2020, and he then wound up in other projects such as The Sinful Seven, Moon Crew, and SEC Network’s Thinking Out Loud alongside other SB Nation/Banner Society alums. Anderson also wound up with other projects, including U.S. Senate runoff election podcast Ground Game: Georgia and editing politics and policy stories. Now, Hall and Anderson have launched a new subscription site: Channel 6. Here are the tweets announcing that from Anderson and Hall:

And here’s more on what this is from the welcome post:

We missed this.

The thing where you open a window, write some words, and send it into the ether for people to read. Preferably on a work computer, if we’re spitballing ideal situations here. We love it when people read our work, but when it’s on company time? That almost equals the thrill of shoplifting. (Almost.)

That’s why we – hi, we’re Spencer Hall and Holly Anderson – are starting Channel 6. We write, we make podcasts, we make television, and we sometimes like to talk ourselves into knots for exactly seven minutes and no more. We do a lot of different kinds of storytelling, all the time, mostly about the games we love, but are prone to chasing laser pointers out of the lecture hall.

We’ve found homes we like along the way, throughout our careers, and spots where we like to camp, but there’s always some wandering, both from subject to subject and from format to format. There should be a place for that online. All that brings us back to where we started, which, you might recall, is why we’re here. Hi, again.

That post’s worth reading in full for why they’re doing this and what exactly they’re promising, but the short version of what to expect is here:

For your money and attention, we offer in return: Two Things A Week. In the effort to keep everyone happily distracted and entertained, including ourselves, we will make at least two things a week for you, our beloved readers. Could there be more? Perhaps. Will there be less? Never, because we have just created the Channel 6 Guarantee.

Those things are set to include posts, newsletters, podcasts, stories, special projects and more. The subscription price is $10 monthly or $100 a year, and there’s also an option to sign up for a free trial. More on Channel 6 can be found on their new site.

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