On Friday, SB Nation Raiders team blog Silver and Black Pride published a post from contributor Tyler Smith. The post, labeled as satire, included a variety of racist jokes, along with a surprisingly large collection of humor attempting to mine the always-fertile comedic fields of domestic violence.Deadspin’s Laura Wagner collected some of the choice lines here, and as SB Nation deleted the post, here’s her summary:

The post itself ran the gamut from straight-forward insults (“putrid, unwashed, maladjusted bunch of chickenhead scallawags known as the Denver Broncos”),and basic fat jokes (“[Andy Reid’s] so fat, I walked around him and got lost”) to racism (“[Tyreek Hill] is so small and black, if you squeeze him really hard he’ll turn into a diamond”).

A few other relevant selections:

“Jon Gruden knows how to game plan against the Chiefs. Hit them early and often! Hit them while they’re down! Break their spirit! Oh, wait. That’s not Gruden’s game plan, that’s Tyreek Hill’s Guide to Parenting.”


The Chiefs are a lot like smoking, they’re dangerous to children and pregnant women. The Chiefs have employed in recent years Tyreek Hill, who beats up his family, Eric Berry, who beat the shit out of cancer, and Kareem Hunt, who is currently with the Browns but suspended for the unique way he dealt with a young thot at a casino hotel.

Satire doesn’t mean what Smith thought it means!SB Nation cited a violation of community guidelines when it removed the post. And as Wagner noted, Smith’s name no longer appears on the masthead:

The roast-style blog, which was deleted a shortly after I reached out to SB Nation executive director John Ness for comment, had a disclosure at the top telling the reader that it was satire. (Smith was also removed from the site’s masthead shortly after I contacted SB Nation about the article.)

This is always going to be a problem for sites that allow people to put blogs up without much or any editorial oversight. Some places don’t seem to know better, while Vox and SB Nation theoretically do, but the model they’ve chosen (a community built on user-created content, paid for cheaply at best) means this kind of disaster can happen at any time.[Deadspin]

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