Dave Lozo on Jim Brady

The Jemele Hill/ESPN saga has spread to a totally different company. That would be Spirited Media, which runs local news sites in Philadelphia (Billy Penn), Denver (Denverite), and Pittsburgh (The Incline). Spirited Media’s CEO is Jim Brady, who’s also the ESPN public editor, and Dave Lozo (who wrote once a week for The Incline during NHL season, and also freelances for Awful Announcing’s sister site The Comeback) called Brady “the dumbest person alive” Friday in response to Brady’s controversial column in that ESPN role criticizing Jemele Hill’s tweets.

That led to Spirited Media parting ways with Lozo Monday, and lots of tweets from Lozo, Brady, and Spirited Media sports editor Dan Levy. First, here are some of Lozo’s comments (there are many more) on Brady Friday:

And here’s what happened Monday:

Brady then defended the decision to Gene Weingarten of The Washington Post (where Brady previously headed up digital) and several Deadspin writers:

This may be the weirdest way for politics to (indirectly) intrude into sports in 2017 yet. We’ll have more on this story later.

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