Every Day Should Be Saturday is closing down.

It’s the end of an internet era as we know it. Over the last decade-plus, Every Day Should Be Saturday has played a giant role in online college football discussion, first as an independent site since 2005 and then under the SB Nation umbrella since January 2010. The site’s featured everything from massive charity donation drives to offseason crime standings to discussions of such strange things as Knoxville’s Sunsphere to a more effective takedown of Craig James than anyone at ESPN or Poynter ever delivered, and it even spawned its own unofficial Wiki. And in addition to hosting plenty of talented writers, it also attracted a lot of repeated commenters who built a community there and got to know each other on and offline. But site founder Spencer Hall announced Wednesday that while he’s staying with SB Nation, EDSBS is shutting down. The site will remain online with archives intact, but Hall’s moving on to a new project. (Update: that new project is Banner Society, discussed here. Our original post follows.)

In a later tweet, Hall confirmed that the Shutdown Fullcast podcast (with him, Ryan Nanni, Holly Anderson and Jason Kirk, all of whom have played large roles with EDSBS and with SB Nation’s CFB coverage) will continue:

Meanwhile, Nanni hinted at a new site coming:

And he’s also been been talking about afootballwebsite.com, a URL that currently redirects to this 1999 Texas marching band tribute to the 12 Texas A&M students who died in a bonfire tragedy, but something that may redirect to the new project once it’s up. It will be interesting to see what this new project is and how it fits in with SB Nation’s other efforts. But for now, Wednesday saw a lot of Twitter tributes to EDSBS; here are some of those.






Those are just a few of the many people who have chimed in on what EDSBS meant to them, from a place to write to a place to read to a place to find community. There are plenty of other touching tributes in the comments of that last post, too, which currently has over 1,000 comments. At any rate, EDSBS certainly made a giant mark on the college football world, and the tributes illustrate that. And we’ll see what Hall and SB Nation do next.

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