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In recent days we’ve seen writers announce they’re joining the revamped Deadspin, now based in Chicago under editor Jim Rich. That was a big clue that the site was about to relaunch, and indeed it now has.

With a post from Rich (and a headline that sounds like it’s trying very hard to be like the original Deadspin), the site announced its relaunch.

As you can see, Deadspin is posting new stories again. Our original plan had been to begin publishing on Monday, March 16, but the news cycle — and the rapidly changing circumstances surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic — wouldn’t wait for such plans. So we are starting a little smaller than we had hoped, but that will change soon.

I’ve always believed in the maxim, “show, don’t tell,” so you won’t hear any grand pronouncements from me – our journalism will speak for itself. Right now, we are building our team as we go and expect to be at full force in the coming weeks/months. For the near future, you can expect good stuff from talented veterans Carron Phillips, Jesse Spector, and Sam Fels, as well as some big swings from up-and-comers like Donovan Dooley. You will also hear from highly respected contributors like Elizabeth Mitchell, Chuck Modiano, and others as we continue to evolve. Like some of our sister sites at G/O Media, we, too, have a new homepage that increases the number of stories you see in a single frame, has fewer ads, and loads even faster.

Hope you enjoy.


If you do go to the new Deadspin, one thing you’ll notice is missing: a comments section! It’s almost certainly because those comments would be immediately flooded with vitriol from those (upset at how the original Deadspin ended.

Amusingly, as some noted, no one thought to update the masthead as of yet. Here’s how it looked this morning:


At least now all of the people who have spent the last few months reflexively typing “deadspin.com’ into their browser during the day will have some new content to read, if they want.


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