If you enjoyed Kevin Hart’s sports interview series, Cold as Balls, here’s some good news for you: The digital comedy series will be back for a second season. And a third.

Cold as Balls sets Hart and his guest in individual ice baths for each episode, a setting which was immediately entertaining. Guests for the first season included Blake Griffin, LaVar Ball, Draymond Green, Nerlens Noel and Candace Parker. The first season consisted of 12 episodes and according to The Hollywood Reporter, each episode drew five million views on YouTube. The debut episode, with Hart interviewing Ball, currently has 8.3 million views.

Naturally, it’s good to be the boss. Cold as Balls is part of Hart’s Laugh Out Loud network, so it probably had a pretty good chance of renewal unless virtually no one watched. But committing to two more seasons likely indicates how successful the series was. It’s the most-watched show on the LOL Network, which also includes What the Fit, Lyft Legend and Writers’ Room

Hart himself was certainly a draw, but put him and outspoken personalities from the sports world in ice tubs, with some questions you’ve probably always wished the media would ask, and giving up eight to 10 minutes of time to watch each episode wasn’t asking too much.

OBB Pictures, which has also created sports-related programming such as The 5th Quarter sports mockumentary series, developed and produces Cold As Balls. With the series being renewed for two seasons, OBB’s Michael D. Ratner hopes there’s an opportunity to get more creative. Maybe more than one person could be interviewed or perhaps the guest can be someone related to sports but not directly involved, like an actor starring in a sports movie.

“This is Kevin’s Between Two Ferns,” Ratner told THR‘s Natalie Jarvey. “Given how well people responded to season one, we want to continue on the path of making the show feel bigger and bigger.”

The second season of Cold as Balls is expected to premiere this summer.

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