Kirk Cousins acting as a ManningCast producer. Kirk Cousins acting as a ManningCast producer. (Omaha Productions.)

April Fools’ Day often sees sports media members and brands having some fun. The latest case of that comes from Omaha Productions. They produced a video of NFL players from Christian McCaffrey to Kirk Cousins acting as control room producers for the ManningCast, and bringing the usual roasts of hosts Peyton and Eli Manning in the process:

There are some good lines in there, including Eli telling McCaffrey “I feel like I should be at this game, I should be live, supporting my former team, and instead, I’m staring at your ugly mug for the next three hours” and McCaffrey deadpanning “I thought he’s supposed to be nice” in response. His later “These guys won an Emmy?” is good too, as is Cam Heyward’s frantic yelling for a cut around¬†discussion of butt cheeks, T.J. Hockenson roasting both Mannings for seemingly not studying any New York Jets’ quarterbacks beyond Aaron Rodgers, and the other producer-style comments from everyone from Jared Goff to Justin Tucker. And it’s a generally funny look overall at what a really unhinged version of the ManningCast might look like.

A big part of what’s made the ManningCast work so well over its three seasons to date is the willingness of the hosts to have some fun with their own images and not take themselves too seriously. They often extend that to their guests as well; that was seen in a season three wrapup video of guests roasting the Mannings back in January. This fits into that category, and it also helps keep the ManningCast fresh in people’s minds during the long NFL offseason.

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