It is an open secret the upcoming Rio Olympics are an unmitigated disaster.

Between the rampant spread of the Zika Virus, political upheaval, unfinished venues, striking emergency workers, and mutilated bodies washing up on the shores of the beach volleyball venues, it is almost impossible to think these games will go off without a hitch.

CBS’ Late Show host Stephen Colbert is well aware of these facts and more. He broke down the whole situation in a hilarious segment on his show.

Colbert may have left his political schtick behind when he jumped from The Colbert Report to CBS, but with segments like this one, the late night host proved he still has some heat on his fastball. He even got in a not-so-subtle jab at NBC during his monologue.

After watching Colbert’s breakdown, it is still a wonder these games are even happening. It is hard to imagine why athletes would still want to compete, much less foreign tourists coming to watch them.


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