The 2016 Rio Olympics continue to be a bastion of safety for visitors.

So far at the games, multiple Olympic athletes have been robbed, a military bullet found its way into the equestrian press tent, a controlled explosion was carried out during a men’s road race, and now, a media bus has been shot up.

PA Sports reports a media bus had two windows smashed after it was shot at when it was traveling between venues at the games.

European journalist Jacquelin Magnay reports that a Belarus journalist and Turkey volunteer were injured by the flying glass caused by the bullets:

The longer the Rio Olympic Games have gone on, the clearer it’s become that athletes and journalists alike aren’t working in safe conditions. Gun shots, bombs, and robberies happening around the venues is disturbing. There haven’t been any casualties as a result of the violence, but when guns are involved, sadly, it’s always possible.

I doubt it will be, but it would be great if this latest incident was the last reported violent attack at the games. Enough is enough. The games are supposed to be a celebration of sport, not a crime-spree waiting to happen.

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