Christian Laettner on Olympic Channel's "The Z Team."

The Olympic Channel has come up with some interesting documentaries over the years, and their latest effort is The Z Team, a series featuring “a game-changing coach and Olympic legend” helping out struggling sports teams. The next episode of that, which premieres this coming Tuesday (March 5) will see former Duke star and 1992 “Dream Team” member Christian Laettner coaching a Charlotte, NC high school basketball team, and trying to help them find success in just one week. Here’s a look at the trailer:

And here’s another clip from the series tracking how many times Laettner says “Do you understand?”

It’s certainly unconventional to see a star trying to change things for a team in just one week, but it fits with the approach of popular reality TV series like Bar Rescue and Kitchen Nightmares. Whether as much can be done with a high school sports team in that period of time is debatable, but Laettner is certainly an interesting and prominent figure, and showing his attempts to coach high-school kids could be worthwhile. This episode first airs on Olympic Channel’s linear and internet platforms Tuesday, March 5.

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