Patrick Connor of KNBR.

NBC apologizes after commentator says Japan was an ‘example’ for Korea after colonization – Feb. 11

NBC parts ways with Joshua Cooper Ramo over his comment about Japan as an “example” to Korea – Feb. 12

* NBC’s Joshua Cooper Ramo said during Olympics coverage that Japan was a “cultural, technological and economic example” for South Korea, and Koreans were not happy. NBC parted ways with Cooper Ramo after the comments.

Fox reportedly may snag ESPN’s only NFL playoff game – Feb. 12

* Fox’s new Thursday Night Football deal will reportedly allow the network to air an extra playoff game — and they could get one of the games currently on ESPN and ABC.

Fox will reportedly simulcast NFL Network’s coverage of the NFL Draft this year – Feb. 14

* Fox will reportedly get involved with the NFL Draft for the first time, simulcasting the NFL Network’s coverage.

WEEI loses two sponsors in response to Christian Fauria using caricatured Asian accent on air – Feb. 13 

Boston’s WEEI is suspending programming Friday for mandatory sensitivity training in wake of latest controversial incident – Feb. 14

* Boston’s WEEI suspended on-air host Christian Fauria for using a stereotypical Asian accent to imitate Tom Brady’s agent, Don Yee. Fauria apologized and was suspended. WEEI lost multiple sponsors and mandated sensitivity training across the station.

KNBR splits with Patrick Connor over Barstool Radio comments on Chloe Kim (updated) – Feb 14

* KNBR split with producer Patrick Connor over Barstool Radio comments calling 17-year-old Chloe Kim a “hot piece of ass.”

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