Jackie Redmond interviews Zach Hyman. Jackie Redmond interviews Zach Hyman. (NHL on TNT on X.)

Sunday was a high-water mark in interviewees not being able to hear interviewers. After D.C. Defenders’ beer snake leader Evan couldn’t hear ESPN reporter Kayla Burton during an ABC broadcast that afternoon, Edmonton Oilers’ forward Zach Hyman couldn’t hear Jackie Redmond’s second question during a post-game interview on the NHL on TNT broadcast that night. That came after his goal helped them to a series-clinching 2-1  home win over the Dallas Stars that sent them to the Stanley Cup Final.

In a contrast to Burton’s interview, which started with a hearing failure and then got there after she adapted on the fly and got closer, this one starts with Hyman being able to hear Redmond, but then with him not catching her second question (on the play of Oilers’ goalie Stuart Skinner) despite her leaning in close and him bending down. That led to his “I’m sorry, I can barely hear you.” She then rephrased with “What makes this group special?”, and Hyman caught that and gave a “I think it’s just character, I think we’re at our best with our backs against the wall” response.

This marks the Oilers’ first trip to the Stanley Cup Final since 2006. So it’s certainly understandable why the Edmonton crowd was so loud here. But it did lead to a notable moment in this interview, and another notable moment for Hyman, who’s already drawn some media love with the “Shaq Hyman” comparisons.

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