Florida Panthers vs. Boston Bruins

If you’re one of those weirdos who thinks that professional sports are fixed, Sunday night’s TNT scorebug just gave you a big piece of proof.

In Game 7 of their Stanley Cup Playoff series, the Florida Panthers trailed the Boston Bruins 3-2 with 60 seconds remaining in the third period. As the Panthers scrambled to make something happen, the TNT scorebug in the top left corner suddenly read “GOAL” despite the fact that no such goal had been scored. However, just 25 seconds later, Aleksander Barkov fired the puck to Brandon Montour who sent it into the net for the equalizing goal that sent the game into overtime. Cue the conspiracy theories!

Setting aside the idea that TNT and the NHL conspired to make sure this Game 7 went into overtime, the most likely scenario is that there was some kind of lag with the live feed that created a scenario where the scorebug was live but the game footage was delayed. It’s also possible that someone meant to hit the button for “Empty Net” as the Panthers removed their goalie from the ice and mistakenly hit “GOAL,” but that’s quite the coincidence.

Anyway, that’s quite the lag between the graphic and the goal, which created a real stir on social media while fans tried to figure out what they had just seen.

The good news is that this means we get more Game 7 overtime hockey, which we’ll all take however we can get it.

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