With Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals tonight, we embark on a journey that will end with either the first Stanley Cup for the Washington Capitals or a win for the expansion Vegas Golden Knights. Either is a fun result, and if the whole series is as bonkers as the first period, we’re in for a hell of a ride.

It started with some sort of Medieval Times reenactment proceedings, which is perfect considering the Vegas setting. That it went on for five minutes was a bit of an annoyance to some people, though most appreciated it for what it was:

So yeah, that was something.

Once the actual game started, we didn’t have to wait long for the first Stanley Cup goal in Golden Knights franchise history, which came via Colin Miller on the power play:

This crowd view shot is awesome:

The Caps came right back, though, scoring two goals to claim their first lead of the series. The first via Brett Connolly:

And the second, less than a minute later, from Nicklas Backstrom:

But Vegas came right back to end the period strong with this finish from William Karlsson:

That was it for the period, which may have been for the best; Doc Emrick seemed a bit worn out by all the action:

“And the horn sounds, and that takes care of the first!”

(ten second pause to let things breathe)

“That was quite a period.”

Indeed it was, Doc. Indeed it was.

The rest of the series might not match that pace, but if it comes close it’s going to be awesome.

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