The St. Louis Blues are on the brink of history. They enter Game 6 Sunday night with an opportunity to win their first ever Stanley Cup. Obviously, this is a big moment for the team and their fans, who have been waiting 52 years to hold one of the most iconic trophies in sports.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch got a bit too excited at the possibility of a Blues win and accidentally posted ads congratulating the team on their first title, even though Game 6 will happen later today.

Included in the e-reader version of the paper, subscribers saw a congratulatory letter from Blues chairman Tom Stillman and an ad from Enterprise about their hometown team winning the Cup.

In Twitter replies, an unexpectedly busy social media manager let upset Blues fans know that a few ads were released in the e-reader version which had been removed and apologized for accidentally jumping the gun in posting the ads.

To pull back the curtain a bit, things like open letters and congratulatory ads in local papers and championship parades are set up way in advance, usually when they first know they have advanced to the championship. Think about it, has anyone ever seen any government (local or national) be that efficient to plan, schedule, and have a championship parade on a day or two notice? They can’t even do that for simple things, much less for an event where tens of thousands of people will attend.

Superstitions aside, just know that Boston is planning the exact same thing if they win. The Boston Globe has their ads and open letters and the city has their parade set up for the Bruins should they win Game 6 and 7. So whatever curse people may believe has been set on the Blues for this means nothing because the Bruins are doing the same thing. They just didn’t have anyone accidentally reveal that to the public.

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