A puck perfectly breaks a camera, via SportsNet.

The advances in technology over the decades have given fans some pretty cool action shots over the years. But sometimes those cameras get a little too close to the action for their own good. Like what happened during Thursday night’s Penguins-Red Wings game when a puck came right into your living room watching at home.

As the Red Wings were on the power play, a slap shot from the point was fired on the Penguins net. However, the shot went just a little high. And by a little high, we mean aimed directly at the camera high over the glass right behind the net. Watch as the puck comes straight towards the viewer at home watching on Sportsnet in Canada.

Surely that kind of accuracy has to be worth half a goal at least, right? Maybe a camera breaking contest could be part of the next NHL All-Star Game skills competition.

That made for a very cool, and very expensive visual. Just imagine if we were still living in the glow puck era what this might look like. With all of the fancy animations and special broadcasts that are popping up all over the place these days, maybe this will spark a new idea for a VR style broadcast where you can experience what it’s really like in an NHL game by taking a puck to the mouth and losing a few teeth.

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